Expo New York 2014

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March 4 – March 25, 2014

Opening Reception – Thursday, March 6, 2014 6-8pm


Agora Gallery

530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001

Tel: 212-226-4151 / Fax: 212-966-4380


Agora Gallery

Christine Meyer

Christine Meyer’s graceful abstracts are refined, yet lit from within by a mysterious, unmistakable energy. Meyer works in mixed compositions made from textures coming together. Each painting features one or two large-scale shapes – a wide central circle, an oval-shaped rupture in an otherwise blank field – that are then filled out and characterized by different, delicate treatments of material.


Meyer creates the textures out of her many diverse materials, and then creates the movementof each piece out of those textures. Thus, acrylic paint applied with a sponge becomes a mass of soft, ghostly speckles that drift and billow accross the canvas. Beads glued down in large, dense swaths become a grounding point for a larger torrent of color that comes rushing accross the painting. With a cool palette that relies on subtle rather than violent shifts, Meyer creates a word of contemplation and ambiguity.

Christine Meyer has exhibited in both Geneva and Paris. She works in acrylic, resin, mortar, sand, and beads, among other media.